Recent Study Reveals That Being Too Handsome Can Harm Your Career

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In the office, all of us possibly got that one mate, a man that is so handsome. He probably heads home after Friday night with his wallet full of phone numbers. Nonetheless, that person might be struggling without even being aware of it and that is on his career. The main reason behind is that handsome men are more possibly to be seen as a threat by their male bosses, and are less likely to be given chances to show off their skills, based on a recent study.




The said research was co-authored by academics from the London Business School and the University of Maryland and is comprised of four office experiments in the UK and the US. The participants were offered with situations in which they had to pick from more than one contender to fill a particular vacancy.



The plot twist is that each of the applicants had nearly similar experiences and skillsets on their CV and the only real difference was the photograph that supplemented it. During the time men hire other men, their verdict is undesirably affected by the appeal of the candidate and the kind of job, the researchers resolved.


It is worth noting that the confident guys are more possible to be rejected for roles requiring individual talents like sales and investment banking, and as an alternative gravitate towards less significant positions.


The office heartthrobs are more expected to work in roles where team performance is compensated, allowing the boss to advance their own career.



Moreover, professor Sun Young Lee, the lead researcher at the University of Maryland, proposes outsourcing the employing procedure to a recruitment company can possibly be the solution.


 “With more companies involving employees in recruitment processes, this important point needs attention,” she stated. “Awareness that hiring is affected by potential work relationships and stereotyping tendencies can help organizations improve their selection processes.”


In case you didn’t get that promotion, you don’t have to worry. You’re probably too handsome!


Do you think this study’s result is accurate? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share this with your handsome officemates as this might possibly the reason why promotion is very intractable.

Based on materials from Men’s Health
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