You Will Feel Emotional by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman’s Performance of ‘Time to Say Goodbye’

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Have you ever been at an event like a wedding, anniversary, or funeral and a certain song started playing that instantly made you cry, give you goosebumpas, or feel some sort of deep emotion? It’s a rare but intense feeling, and not just any song can invoke this type of reaction.


But this performance of the classic farewell song “Time to Say Goodbye” is guaranteed to get under your skin. Bring on the emotions!




Andrea Bocelli is a famous Italian singer, songwriter, and record producer who went fully blind when he was only 12-years-old. Bocelli is known for his enchanting classical music, which has topped international pop charts, a feat typically unheard of for classical tunes.





Bocelli and English soprano Sarah Brightman joined forces to sing the second recorded version of the Italian song “Con te partirò” in English. The beautiful song, translated to “Time To Say Goodbye” in English, was originally written for and dedicated to German boxer Henry Maske, and the song was performed for the first time at his final fight in 1996. The song went on to top the charts in Europe and sell over 12 million copies worldwide! There’s a good chance you’ve already heard this song before.

Brightman is a close friend of Maske’s, which makes this performance even more special!




The duo performed the song in English at the Teatro Del Silenzio in Italy, and the video has been viewed more than 21 million times. It’s hard to listen to it just once!


Bocelli, who has said in interviews that he prefers singing for an audience rather than in the studio, is perfectly in sync with Brightman’s powerful vocals. It’s as if their voices were made for each other.




Even though Bocelli has sold more than 70 million records, his recording of “Time To Say Goodbye” remains the most popular of all.


You can enjoy it for yourself below!




This is the perfect song to dedicate to a loved one you’ve lost, or for when you need to stop, breathe, and get in tune with your emotions. It’s good for your soul.


If you enjoyed this performance, show it to your friends and family!



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