You Should Never Put These 10 Things in the Microwave

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Microwaves are incredibly convenient. You can prepare a full meal in a matter of minutes when it could take up to an hour using other methods. However, there are some things that you should never ever microwave. Read on to learn.




1. Eggs

If you stick a whole egg in the microwave, it will explode like a yolky bomb. You'll spend a lot more time cleaning up the mess than the time it takes to fry an egg.




2. Grapes

Here's something crazy: grapes can cause fire in microwaves. How? When placed the right distance apart, grapes can create plasma that will destroy your microwave. Besides, what lunatic wants to eat warm grapes?




3. Whole Potatoes

You've probably seen your mom microwave baked potatoes all the time, so why is this on the list? The only successful way you can prevent whole potatoes from exploding is by stabbing them with a fork a few times to create pockets for the steam to escape.




4. Metal

Hopefully, everyone has been taught this at some point, but metal anything should never go in a microwave because it will spark, smoke, and cause a fire.




5. Whole Peppers

Like grapes, whole hot peppers have a component that interacts negatively with the microwave's radiation. Sliced up peppers are just fine, but if you stick a whole pepper in the microwave, prepare for a spicy explosion that could hit you in the face.




6. Styrofoam

Styrofoam is terrible all around and we need to finally cancel it. However, if you do own Styrofoam, keep it away from the microwave. Eating or drinking anything from Styrofoam heated in a microwave can literally cause cancer and do damage to your endocrine system.




7. Paper Bags

Paper and heat are great fire starters! Besides, if you manage to avoid a fire, whatever ink and other materials on the bag can leach into your food. Feel free to keep using your paper plates, though, because those are designed to withstand microwaving.




8. Plastic Containers

You have to be careful about which containers you're microwaving because not all of them are safe. To be safe, look for containers that are advertised as microwave-safe if you want to avoid tainting your food with chemicals.




9. Travel Containers

This includes mugs, thermoses, and any other portable container for the very same reason as plastic containers. If your containers aren't marked as microwave-safe, it can leech into your food or drink.




10. Nothing

It sounds crazy to turn on the microwave with no food inside, but some curious minds have discovered that the build-up of radiation is strong enough to cause a nasty fire.




Have you accidentally microwaved any of these things before? Spread the word to protect your friends and family!



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