Discover If You Have The Skills of An FBI Agent Through This Riddles! Are You Ready?

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Being an FBI special agent is considered to be one of the hardest jobs to get into. Based on statistics, only less than 5% of the applicants are accepted. Answering a number of questions can indicate if the contender has a natural potential to grow creative thinking and logic according to reasoning skills. DO you think you’re one of the few who can pass the test? Let’s find out!


Feel like a special agent and try answering the 5 cases below.


Note: Answers are provided below!


1. Who is the real mother?


Take a closer look at the picture. There are two ladies who are sitting opposite each other in a room while a little boy is playing on the floor. Study the image carefully.

Question: Who do you think is the real mother of the child?


2. The Two Pills


A serial killer abducted people and made them take one of the two pills, wherein one of which is harmless, and the other one is poisonous. The victim is the first one to choose while the killer takes what’s left. Every time the victims are the ones who are poisoned and the serial killer always survives.

Question: How did the serial killer always get the harmless pill?


3. Beverages


A man and a woman went to a restaurant to eat dinner. While they’re waiting for the main dish, the woman ordered 5 drinks with ice because it’s very hot. The woman drank 4 of the drinks all at once, while the man only drank one. After a while, the man became ill and died. The doctors stated that all the drinks were poisoned.

Question: Why was the woman still alive while the man died?


4. Cassette


Visualize a scene wherein a man was found dead, he has a pistol in his hand and a cassette recorder that’s next to him. The investigator pressed the “Play” button and pays attention the message, it said “I am tired of this life and decided to stop my pain and suffering” and then a gunshot follows. Someway the investigator doesn’t believe that it was a suicide.

Question: Why does the investigator think that it was a homicide?


5. Christmas Mystery


AN investigator was on duty during the Christmas holidays and during the morning of December 25th, he went on a call. He rang the doorbell, and a minute later a heavy-eyed house owner opened the door. The detective said, “Your neighbor says that yesterday, on Christmas Eve, he came to your place for a party and while he was here, you broke into his house and stole some valuable items.”

The owner answered: “That’s not true. Our family celebrated Christmas Eve at our friend’s place. We barely had time to decorate our Christmas tree.”

The investigator said: “No worries. It’s quite obvious to me that your neighbor is a liar.”

Question: How did the detective know?

Are you done resolving the cases? In case yes, let’s check if you were able to solve them correctly!




1.Who is the mother?

The mother of the child is the woman on the left. She is sitting so that her legs are fixed towards the child.

  • This position echoes the natural need for a mother to look after her child.
  • The posture of the woman on the left is protecting, which is somewhat bent forward.
  • It is usual for small children to face their mother when playing or doing some sort of activity if she is around.


2.Two Pills

Both pills were harmless. The poison was placed in the glass of water the victims drank.



The poison in the dink was on the ice. Since the woman consumed her drinks quickly, the ice didn’t have time to thaw. The man drank gradually and the poison melted into his drink.



If the man murdered himself, how could he wind back the cassette to the beginning?


5.Christmas Mystery

The Christmas tree lights are unplugged and there’s one bulb missing, they wouldn’t function without it. It was clear to the investigator that the owner was telling the truth. He had adorned the tree in such a rush that he didn’t even check to see whether the lights were functioning or not.

So, how many correct answers did you get? Please share it with us in the comment section! Also, don’t forget to share this with your family and friends to test if they have the guts to become an FBI agent.

Based on materials from Brightside

Illustrated by Germielyn Balondo for Meow Gag

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