These Are The Reasons Why Guys Prefer Women Older Than You

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Cougars are wild and free. And while these animals are the ones who would naturally hunt, their human counterparts need only to show up and wait for their prey to come. Modern men are more drawn to women in their 40s. So if you’re wondering why your crush prefers somebody way older than you, just scroll down to find out why.


They Embrace Their Bodies


Women in their 40s have already come to terms with their physical appearances and a lot of them hold no shame in their flaws anymore despite not looking like the women in magazines.


And they love it


Younger women let society put pressure on how they would look while older women love just the way they are.


They go out of their comfort zones


Older women have already developed courage over the years. They have a better understanding of what it means to have just one life to live and they will not let fear get in their way in trying exciting new things.


They Are Firm


While younger women are often indecisive, older women are firm on their decisions. They are also able to say no to their partners and are not gullible to their emotions.


They Know How To Please Their Partners


Since older women have more experience than the younger ones, men prefer those who would cook their meals, give them a back rub or even take control in sex. That’s the game cougars want to play.


They Are Not Afraid To Speak Up


Since they have already grown wiser, older women would definitely speak their minds especially when they know they need to at any cost.   


They Can Take Control


Though women are called to be submissive to their partners, men often want to just let go of the wheel and let their partners take over. Older women would not mind that.


They Are Independent Women


Women in their 40s have already become the person they need to be with. And that’s a great turn on for younger men.


They Know How To Separate Love And Satisfaction


Unlike the younger ones, older women already know how to distinguish between love and lust. They know when to be vulnerable and when to go wild.


They Are Better At Relationships


Past relationships have definitely taught older women how to be better partners in the coming ones.


They Are Level-Headed


Most older women aren’t as bothered by everything like the younger ones. This is what make guys just want to be with them.


They Are Responsible


While younger women could become selfish and emotionally-driven, older women know their priorities and are responsible of everything they do.


They Are Goal-Oriented


Older women care more about their goals and purposes and how to fulfill them, while younger women are fickle about what they feel like doing now. Guys want women who can give them a sense of security.


They Are Wise


Unlike younger women who often think out of their own emotions, older women have enough experience to give them the wisdom they need to share at any given situation.


They Have A Different Perspective


Older women aren’t afraid of things going out of their control, which makes them not as demanding, domineering and dramatic as younger women. Men prefer the stability over chaos, and young women should definitely do something about that.


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