Is Your Sleeping Position Dangerous To Your Health? Find Out Here

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Doctors think some of your health problems could be triggered by your sleeping position. While we know it’s practically impossible to change your favorite sleeping pose, the website Bright Side listed the things you should do to correct it.


If you sleep on your side



According to scientists, the cerebrospinal fluid gets rid of toxins better if we sleep on our side. It reduces headaches and decreases risks of having Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Furthermore, sleeping on the left side could ease heartburn but increases the pressure on the liver.


  • For digestive issues, doctors advice sleeping on the left side. They said it helps improve the bloodstream, relieving the gullet and the stomach.
  • Keep your back straight when sleeping on your side by putting a hard and small pillow between your legs. This will reduce pressure on joints. Also, put a soft and big pillow under your head.


  • For problems in high blood pressure and blood circulation, experts advise sleeping on your right side. This will reduce the pressure on your heart.


If you sleep on your back



Sleeping on your back is recommended it you have spine and joint problems. It prevents heartburn and wrinkles, though it is one of the worst positions if you have problems with high blood pressure, your nose or if you snore.


  • To stop snoring, use a “plump” pillow (or a small under your neck pillow) so that upper air-passages are in the right position.


  • In having runny nose problems, use a couple of pillows to lift your head. This will prevent mucus from staying in your sinuses. However, make sure that the angle isn’t too big that is already harmful to your neck.


  • If you have back and joint pain, put a small pillow under your neck, a large flat pillow under your knees, and a twisted towel below your lower back. It’ll support the spine and regulate blood flow.


If you sleep on your stomach



Sleeping face down actually helps to reduce blood pressure, improve digestion, and get rid of snoring and heartburn.


  • To protect your spine from excessive bending and lessen the pressure on your lower back, put a small pillow under your stomach and pelvic region. A pillow under your head should also be flat or better yet, sleep without it so that your neck doesn’t suffer.


The fetal position



Sleeping in a curved position where knees are raised high to the chin can be comfy but harmful to your back health. This position which limits diaphragmatic breathing will prevent you from snoring but if you have breathing issues, like asthma, it’s suggested to get rid of this sleeping position altogether.


  • To straighten your back, make sure your legs and arms are in the correct position where your chest is “free.” Put one big and soft pillow between your legs and another one between your elbows. According to doctors, the perfect pillow to put under your head is a small but puffy pillow to hold your neck.


Based On Materials From Bright Side

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