Here Are 10 Things You Need To Know About VIRGOS!

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Virgos have a really intricate personality, which is kind of like an onion. There are numerous layers to those born under this sign and figuring us out can occasionally bring tears to your eyes! Even though we’re spirited and draw people in with our compelling personalities, we can also be hard to read at times. You can love us with all your heart one day but begrudge us the very next day. Here are 10 things you must know about Virgos:


#1: VIRGOS are Smart and Calculating


We constantly believe that our way is the best way and we won't concede defeat. While we’re frank, we always argue convincingly why we have to have it our way. Typically the result is of the ultimate importance to us, with no concern for what it takes to get there. This attitude can lead us to appear merciless. These calculative moves may be good for professions in law or police, but they’re not the strongest for relationships.


#2 We Require an Extravagant Sex Life


We’re brave and demanding in sex. Because we can get fed up effortlessly, we may feel exasperated with our partner if sex feels humdrum. These negative feelings can trickle into other areas of the relationship. So, know that we don’t want our sex lives to be foreseeable and we’ll be happy.


#3 We’re Strong-minded to the Point of Being Obstinate


We’re disreputably single-minded when we want something. If it necessitates a fight to get it, we will scuffle to the very end. We don’t constantly think of the side effects of our actions. We can be impulsive and thoughtless and then get into tight spots. But in the end, our willpower helps us have accomplishment in our relationships and other efforts.


#4 We Can Hold Bitterness for a While


Never get on the off beam side of a Virgo because we can hold resentments for a long time. We anticipate those around us to be trustworthy and reliable, just as we are to them. Those who don’t display that same respect to us will get the short end of the stick. We also have a good memory, thus we never fail to recall those who wronged us.


#5 We Only Enjoy Sophisticated Humor


We search for witty and smart humor in our discussions. We don’t appreciate childish comedy and dirty jokes. We’re good among company because of our sophisticated sense of humor, but some may not appreciate it. Those who enjoy cut-rate jokes won't get along with us.


#6 We Are Authentic


We are completely sympathetic and will stay true to a person we’re in love with. Don't expect us to run away when times get rough. We will struggle to protect those we love if they’re in impairment's way. We don't have problems standing up for somebody that we love. We offer 100% of ourselves, so we anticipate the same in return.


#7 We Can Be Mysterious and Secretive


Going out with us keeps you on your toes. We have a tendency to be mysterious, without being malevolent, because we love to keep you guessing. People occasionally get annoyed with us because of this. They feel like they can't understand us totally. Always bear in mind that you won’t get bored dating us!


#8 We Are Hard To Satisfy


We have certainly high ideals and can be dire of others and ourselves. We push our restrictions and others' boundaries as well. Some people feel worried because they think that they are never capable of pleasing us. These high standards can lead to negativity, but more frequently they lead to great triumphs.


#9 Our Consciousness is High


We have faith in our instincts, so we can typically define pretty fast whether or not we like somebody. We may appear disapproving, but we favor to be called highly conscious. We believe that our time is precious and don't have to waste it on somebody we don’t see eye-to-eye with. It takes a lot occasionally to earn our trust.


#10 Our Need for Control is Noticeable


Virgos have a need to be in control and in charge. We’re known for being remarkable leaders with our courageous attitude. Other people find it easy to follow our lead. We love to be in control since it’s our comfort zone. We have a problem with authority figures but it's not because of lack of respect. We have to be in control, otherwise, we feel out of control. The moment we feel out of control, we feel anxious. We recognize that wanting to always be in control is both a strong point and a weak point.


Are you born under Virgo? Do these characteristics describe you best? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section and don’t forget to share this article with your fellow Virgos!

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