This Vietnamese Nurse Knows How To Make Newborns Sleep Well! Learn How To Do It Here

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As much as you want to keep your bundle of joy calm and at peace, that dreadful time still comes when you have no choice but to wake up in the middle of the night to cater to their needs. The worst part is when you try to get them back to sleep, while you’re almost half asleep, and they just won’t shut their eyes.


Well, meet this Vietnamese nurse who is helping parents all over the world! Also a new mom, Lê Thi Ánh shares three easy steps to make your baby go to sleep easily.


First step is to find a regular clean and dry bath towel and roll it into a long tube.



Wrap your baby by laying them on their right side. Wrap the towel around their sides while part of the towel supports their neck. Then, snuggle the rest of it beneath their left hand and over their right in a way that they’re "hugging" the towel.




Lastly, rub your baby’s back slowly and gently to make them sleep peacefully. Sing a lullaby if you like as they enjoy their new towel cocoon.


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