Man Wakes Up Only To See His Dog Wearing His ‘Dentures’ – This Will Surely Make You LOL!

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This man received a very funny and hilarious wake-up surprise from his nap after seeing his daughter's dog wearing the dentures that he took off mid-snooze. In a now-viral tweet, a woman who’s named Eunice shared the pictures from when her dog unintentionally wore her dad's dentures when he left them out.


'A few months ago my dog, Maggie, stole my dad’s dentures while he was napping (his gums had been hurting him so he took them out mid-afternoon) and he found her like this,' she posted on Twitter with the below two hilarious pictures. 






The moment Eunice's father woke up, he couldn't find the dentures and he just thought that maybe he left them in the bathroom. But then, what he discovered next was so hilarious. He found out that Maggie, who is a Shih Tzu-Chihuahua mix, flaunts his dentures as she features a naughty grin across her face. 


'When they weren't there, he went searching downstairs and found Maggie under my living room table,' Eunice told The Dodo.


Once the dad found Maggie, her funny grin plastered on her face from the dentures was just something that he had to share online.


'He sent me a picture and explained what had happened and I was in literal tears,' Eunice stated


Maggie appeared quite happy with herself on getting the dentures while her owner's dad was napping in another room. Maggie’s pictures showing off her grin went viral after Eunice posted them on Twitter just at the end of the month of August. In fact, people replied asking for regular photos of Maggie to compare how the dog looked with and without the dentures.


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Based on materials from Daily Mail

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