Cop Rescues A Baby Crying Inside A Hot Car, Had To Teach The Mother Her Lesson

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Nobody wants to stay in a car turned off with its doors and windows shut. It would feel like you’re inside an oven. Well, how much more if it’s a baby? How dangerous could it get?


While some parents are fully aware of the hazard of leaving their children alone inside a closed car even for just a few minutes, 33-year-old Karen Gruen was too oblivious about it. She left her 4-month old little girl in a hot car, as she made a “quick run” into the Kohl's location in Howell.


However, Karen got distracted by other store items that she unnoticeably stayed inside for 40 minutes. The outside temperatures rose up to the 80 degrees and the heat inside her car may have reached way up to 120 degrees!


Thankfully, retired police officer Steve Eckel walked past that exact car. He noticed that the baby had sweat trickling down her body as her eyes begin to roll back in her head. He knew at that exact moment that he had to do something immediately or else the baby would die.


Steve grabbed a sledgehammer from his car and rushed quickly back to the car with the baby. He then smashed the window at the front passenger’s side and unlocked it. He was relieved that he was able to rescue the baby just in time.




Upon removing her from the car seat, the overheated infant's skin was bright red. Steve then took the baby’s clothing off and found a place to cool down.


When Karen went back to her car, she was distressed to find out that her window was broken and that her child was no longer there. Steve approached her and asked where her daughter was and Karen freaked out not knowing what to say.




Steve then told the mother what happened to her daughter. Karen realized the kind of danger she placed her child into and was overcome with remorse. She didn’t realize how long she had been inside the store.


Karen was then told to plead guilty to charges of neglect. Steve, on the other hand, felt that he was sent to fulfill a guardian angel’s mission.


This is a reminder for parents not to make the same dangerous mistake.


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