CAUTION: Teen Develops Horrifying “Wet Lung” In Just Weeks Of Vaping

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Vapes, which are also known as an e-cigarette, are a popular substitute for smoking because many believe them to be less harmful and unsafe. Vaping has been very popular with younger people and those trying to stop puffing cigarettes. But as one 18-year-old woman discovered, vaping can still cause severe health issues.



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One Pennsylvania teenage girl who is working as a restaurant hostess started using e-cigarettes. But then, within just three weeks, she had developed an alarming medical condition that is called wet lung.


She observed symptoms like extreme coughing, severe pain in her chest, and short of breath. With that, she immediately went to the emergency room in Pittsburgh. The moment doctors got a look at her, she was worsening quickly and doctors were puzzled.




The frightened young woman was given antibiotics but this was not sufficient, and her illness progressed to acute respiratory failure. To be able to keep her breathing, she was placed in a ventilator machine with tubes sticking out of her chest to drain the liquid from her lungs.




“She was unable to get enough oxygen into her blood from her lungs and required a mechanical ventilator to breathe from her until her lungs recovered," Weiner stated.


The doctors then discovered that she had a condition that is called wet lung. This is the term for sensitivity to pneumonitis initiated by ingredients in an e-cigarette. She remained in the machine while her lungs improved and ware given a drug utilized for severe allergic reactions.


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Luckily, within just days, she had made a momentous recovery and her frightening suffering was over.


It is also worth mentioning that aside from wet lungs, Vaping may also cause a perturbing condition that is called popcorn lung, which is caused by breathing in a chemical called diacetyl. Popcorn lung is found in some flavorings utilized in e-cigarettes and the illness causes coughing and panting. With that, it is advised that before vaping, a person must consider the serious health problems that it can cause!


Are you using vape? Will you still use it after learning the possible health issues that may arise because of using it? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to warn your friends and family by sharing this article!



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