This Teacher Got Fired For Failing Her Students And It’s Not Even Her Fault

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In some private schools, principals have instructed teachers not to fail students since their parents are paying lots of money for their education. However, this Florida public school teacher was surprised to lose her job after giving her students the appropriate score for submitting nothing: zero.



Diane Tirado Facebook


Diane Tirado, a teacher for many years, was hired as an eighth grade history teacher at West Gate K-8 School in Port St. Lucie. However, her teaching method raised eyebrows among administrative staff.


This was when Tirado gave some of her students a zero for not turning in their explorer notebook project of which they had two weeks to complete.


The school also has a "no zero" policy, stating: "NO ZEROS – LOWEST POSSIBLE GRADE IS 50%."


"But what if they don’t turn it in, and they say we’ll give them a 50? Oh no we don’t,” Tirado argued, after asking school administrators about this rule.


Tirado was then terminated just a few weeks after the new school year started without any explanation.


On her last day at work, Tirado wrote this note on the whiteboard for the students:


"Bye Kids, Mrs. Tirado loves you and wishes you the best in life! I have been fired for refusing to give you a 50% for not handing anything in."


Diane Tirado Facebook


Despite all these, Tirado doesn't have any regrets in taking a stand for what she believes in.


"A grade in Mrs. Tirado’s class is earned," she said.


"I’m so upset because we have a nation of kids that are expecting to get paid and live their life just for showing up and it’s not real," she added.


Tirado’s story has gone viral on Facebook, hoping she could change this policy.


"The reason I took on this fight was because it was ridiculous. Teaching should not be this hard. Teachers teach content, children do the assignments to the best of their ability and teachers grade that work based on a grading scale that has been around a very long time. Teachers also provide numerous attempts to get the work collected so they can give a child a grade. By nature, most teachers are loving souls who want to see students succeed. We do above and beyond actual teaching to give them the support they need. Are we perfect? NO. We make mistakes like all other human beings, but I know teachers work their butts off to help children to be the best people they can be!!!"


Many Facebook users are siding with Tirado, believing she shouldn't have been fired:




"Is that for real? I'd be out of a job also," wrote one teacher on Facebook.

"A teacher should have the right to decide the grade a child receives. If they simply do not turn in the work, an F they should receive … If you start handing out 50% to everyone that does not turn in their work, what example does that teach? The child needs to be held accountable for the work they do not turn in," another Facebook user commented.

Another one wrote: "I’m so sorry you have to deal with all of this! I fully support you. If nothing is turned in I absolutely think a zero is deserved. By giving them credit for not turning anything in I think teaches them the wrong lesson that can be applied to many aspects in life. Hang in there.”


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