This Dad Thought of a Hilarious Solution to Get Rid of His Sons’ Habit of Texting at the Dining Table

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Today, almost all of us have cell phones because these have become a big part of our lives. But for kids, it is difficult for them to put away their phones. Parents often argued with their kids because of this scenario.


Teens tend to use their phones wherever they are or whatever they do. This time, one father, who was having his dinner with his wife and two sons, had come up with an amazing solution to the problem.


In the video, which you will see below, the dad and mom decided to end their sons’ habit of texting at the dining table.


The solution came out in a funny way. This can serve as a lesson to parents who have children who almost all of the time use their phones, especially to situations that are wholesome and important, like dinner.




We all see from time to time that kids, and even adults, are so hooked on their phones even when they’re attending social events. When focused on their phones, they tend to ignore the people around them and what’s happening.


This kind of scenario is rampant everywhere else we go. We can see the same situation anywhere. Some happen at restaurants, at church, or even just walking down the street, which might cause some serious risks.




Teenagers are often attached to their phones that the people around them are getting ignored. But this time, it won’t happen in this household. The father had come up with a funny solution that ended the issue.




The video below will show you how to get rid of such bad habit. The video aimed to spread the message that social interaction is the most important than virtual ones.


In the video, you can see how baffled the sons are as their father pulls out an old device and starts tapping at it. As the two boys finally understand the message, the mother simply smiles, also agreeing to the fact that their boys will finally learn.


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