Babies Born With Huge Heads Are More Possible To Become Intelligent Adults – AGREE?

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A study which was conducted by a group of researchers at Edinburgh University revealed that when it comes to an individual’s intelligence nature appears to trump nurture. While taking a look between IQ, genes and overall health, the experts learned that there are shared genetic impacts and influences between cognitive skills, brain size, body shape and educational accomplishments.


To make it simpler, physical attributes, like the size of a baby's head, could specify how smart they will be when they become adults.


According to the results gotten by looking at data from 100,000 participants between the ages of 37 and 73, babies who were born with huge heads are more likely to be intellectual later in life.

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The group of the scientists analyzed blood, urine and saliva samples as well as the partakers' lifestyle habits and backgrounds before coming up to this thought-provoking assumption, which has was published in the Journal of Molecular Psychiatry.


"Highly significant associations were observed between the cognitive test scores . . . and many polygenic profile scores, including intracranial volume, infant head circumference and childhood cognitive ability," the experts wrote.


Other perquisites that come with having a huge head as a baby include having a higher chance of obtaining better scores on verbal-numerical tests and earning university degrees.


“The study supports an existing theory which says that those with better overall health are likely to have higher levels of intelligence," researcher Saskia Hagenaars further added.


How do you know what qualifies as an above-normal head size?

Based on the, the average baby is born with a head circumference of about 13.5 inches. But then, the parents can expect it grow to at least 15 inches within the first month.


Boys have the tendency to have slightly larger heads than girls, but the average difference is just less than half an inch. With that, the baby having measurements larger than the numbers stated above is measured big-headed and could grow up to be very intelligent.



Obviously, in some occasional cases, a huge cranium could point to a physical or developmental incapacity, but Today's Parent stated that there is no need to worry in case your baby has been cleared by the doctor.


"A large cranium could simply be a reflection of a bigger-than-average-headed mom or dad. One thing is for certain, it’s not an indication of a learning disorder or disability," they clarified.


Apart from a big head, there are other indications that could show your child may be gifted. This includes having a large vocabulary at a young age, strong motor skills, the capability to recall past memories clearly, the inclination to hang out with older people and extreme inquisitiveness.


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