Model Defends Dangerous Surgery To Make Her Dream Of Having World’s Biggest Butt Come True

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When referring to Guinness Book of World Records, many would possibly dream of becoming the world's strongest person. You might set an objective of doing the lengthiest handstand or the fastest mile. Most probably, you would never imagine of setting a world record for having the biggest butt in the world.



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One model decided that she wanted to have the biggest bum in the whole world. Natasha Crown is just 24 years old and she has already gone viral as the people around the globe were stunned to hear about her bizarre and surprising dream and that is: Getting The World's Largest Butt.




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Natasha has been working to accomplish her dream for quite some time. She recently gained 50 pounds with the aim of growing her butt size. But despite that, her weight gain was not sufficient. She has also gone through three butt lifts to increase her butt size.


Due to her weight gain, Natasha now has an 83-inch waist but she still wants to increase her waist size to 90 inches to be able to hold the world record. To achieve this goal, the former model has to gain 40 more pounds and she also necessities to get a fat transfer to grow the size of her butt. The life-threatening surgery will fundamentally move fat from another part of her bottom to her rotund bottom.



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It is also worth mentioning that Natasha went on a talk show on ITV to talk over her dreams. Other than talking about her plan, she also did some twerking to show off her rump. While typical models stick to cautious diets to stay in shape, Natasha is doing the total opposite.


Natasha lives in Gothenburg, Sweden and on any typical day she can be found gorging on hot fudge sundaes, pizza, chocolate, and pasta. Aside from that, she eats up to 14 pounds of Nutella each month.


Natasha doesn’t want to just increase her weight. She is also making an effort trying to deliberately gain fat so that doctors can transfer the extra fat to her bottom. On Instagram, Natasha posted something about her diet. She told her 135,000 Instagram followers that she actually exercises each day. She works out to tone her muscles and to stay in shape.


Perceptibly, the biggest question that anybody has is why she would ever do this thing. It appears unbelievable and appalling that somebody would distort their body in this way. But then according to Natasha, she started out just wanted to have a larger bottom. Before, long, she decided that she wanted to have the world's largest butt.



©natasha_crown_official_ / Instagram

The process that she is about to do can be extremely dangerous. Recognized as the Brazilian butt lift, this operation can cause noteworthy health complications. In fact, one mother named Leah Cambridge passed away on the operating table. She died because some of the fat that was moved to her bottom ended up in her bloodstream making her suffer from three heart attacks.


Different from some cosmetic procedures, the Brazilian butt lift has an outrageously high death rate. Natasha has already had the process done three times. Notwithstanding the high risks, she stated that she is not worried and she believes that it is not risky because it is her own fat, but this isn’t true.


Natasha's family members are worried about the choices she is making. They are concerned that these operations and her diet could turn out killing her. In spite that her family doesn’t agree with this, Natasha has decided to push through her next cosmetic procedure. While she has several months left to change her mind, she absolutely sounds sure about it.


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