Will Dads Soon Be Able To Breastfeed Their Babies Naturally?

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Men may not be able to get pregnant but a new discovery might just make it possible for them to help mothers breastfeed their babies.


According to Marie-Claire Springham, a student at Central Saint Martin's in London, a "chestfeeding" kit that will allow fathers to "grow milk ducts" could be on its way.


"I was trying to create an empathy tool, something that could really help when a mum was struggling to breastfeed and could help a dad be of practical use," the product design student told Sun Online




Well in fact, males and females actually have glands that can produce milk.


However, while the mammary gland develops during a female's puberty stage, the gland doesn't mature to men up to the same level.


But it is not impossible at all! Males do have the necessary organs to help their partners breastfeed their offspring, and they just need to boost the production of the right hormones…


Introducing, Springham's chestfeeding kit!

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This kit apparently has all the necessary hormones for men to produce milk.


Progestin, a form of the female sex hormone progesterone, will do its job in stimulating the glands.


Moreover, fathers will also need domperidone, a supplement given to mothers with troubles in breastfeeding to motivate production of prolactin, a milk-producing hormone.


Springham also included oxytocin, a feel-good hormone, for an easier milk-flow.


Now, men would only need to inject this formula during their partner's pregnancy for them to be breast-feed ready when the baby comes.


However, just like any other unnatural process, there will be a very uncomforting side-effect.


Since milk-production causes the skin and tissue in the chests to stretch, men may grow "man boobs" that can go up to a B cup. But along with the hormones, the kit will be go with a pump and "the male equivalent of a maternity bra."


Let's just hope that this side effect won't last forever, though, just as what the product promised.


We just have to wait for a long time until the products goes on sale. Many more tests will have to be done to ensure its safety.


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