This 60-Year-Old Teacher Steals the Spotlight with an “Uptown Funk” Routine Together with Her Students

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“Age is just a number” – goes the cliché!


But isn’t it? For some, our bones and joints may tell a very different story, but for other people, the statement above is true.


A 63-year-old high school dance teacher Shirley Clements is the real epitome of the cliché. Same with other teachers who reach the age of 60 and above, Shirley was to retire in 2015 as teacher. Shirley really loved teaching but it is the right time to go and move on. But being away from her job did not let sadness take over her passion. Together with her students, she decided to perform hip-hop routine for an annual competition, which she herself launched 19 years ago.


Watch the video and you’ll realize that aging is not and will never be an issue!


There were a lot of awesome videos of seniors dancing online, but you’ll definitely like Shirley’s performance, to think that she was 60 years old when it was shot.




Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” began to play and all the young dancers went and danced toward their assigned areas. Shirley then went to the front of the young dancers and showed how it’s done. Then everyone’s jaw drop!




She performed the moves the same with the younger dancers. After all, she was the one who taught them everything what they knew now. The whole crowd went crazy during the performance. At one minute, the boys took the center stage and the girls hung back. Shirley stayed in the middle and continued awing the crowd.


Imagine her age but she still did a HEADSTAND – a move half her age can’t even perform.


She’s indeed a legend in her generation. Everyone couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw it.




Ending a career with a bang? Shirley Clements JUST. DID. IT!


When the performance ended, the students and the crowd all praised her. Well, she deserved all the praises.


Check out the video and be amazed by Shirley Clements:


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