Here’s What Your Favorite Lipstick Reveal About Your Beautiful Inner Personality

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For sure not every woman knows that the lipstick she wears is revealing something about her personality. Pastel pink, fiery red or statement orange, each and every girl has her go-to shade.


Take a look at the image below and choose your favorite color of lipstick. Afterward, scroll down below and discover what your chosen color reveals about your character




Shade #1:


Choosing this shade means that you’re mastering life like it was just a piece of cake. For you, each and every task is a challenge that you completely commit to. This is the only approach for you to live in your everyday life without too much stress and tension. You turn problematic and tough tasks into fun and approach them with charisma and wittiness.



Shade #2:


If you chose this shade it indicates that you are the kind of person who typically approaches things with a clear head. You evidently see your objective and never lose track of it. Your determination will make the things you wish for conceivable and if you think confidently, you’ll achieve whatever you want. But you should never act without thinking first. You must take your time and reassess the situation. By doing so, you’ll lastly accomplish your desire!



Shade #3:


You have the tendency to contemplate a lot and occasionally, this pondering stops you from seeing the nice and laid-back sides on things. But this hidden desire is emerging again and it will aid you in finding the sense of balance between rationality and emotionality. You got what it takes to walk the fine line concerning thinking and feeling, which will help you to face the ups and downs in life.  



Shade #4:


You have numerous hidden talents. You’re an artistic and inventive type of person, who can effortlessly remember experienced circumstances. With your capability to focus, you can strongly express your views bringing about a balanced mind. You take advantage of this strength most particularly in difficult situations as you can always manage to stay composed and keep a clear head. You constantly keep track and a clear arrangement of the things that are significant in your life.



Shade #5:


You approach things quantitatively and understand them with an inordinate energy. Your strength is that you’re tactful and get your way because you are smart and charming. You’re subtle and thoughtful and this comes as an advantage when you’re getting to know people objectively. You know precisely what you want from life but despite that, you still have to make an effort to be able to attain your goal. Your enthusiastic nature makes you exploratory and you typically achieve what you set out to do because you know how to critic yourself. You don’t shoot for the moon but you devote your times on the things that you can really achieve and accomplish.



Shade #6:


Choosing this shade means that you have a strong and distinct character. You exhibit great mental power and you hold a raging fire in you burning with too much energy, just like your determination. You experienced some rough patches in your life but it’s all in arrears now. You got what it takes to upswing similar to a phoenix from the ashes.


What do you think of the result? Was it accurate? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below! Also, don’t forget to share this article with all your girlfriends, so that they’ll learn what their favorite lipstick shade reveals about them.


Illustrated by Germielyn Balondo for Meow Gag

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