Here’s the Reason Why Most Children Behave Worse Around Their Mother

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When your kid is with their father, playing on the ground, everything’s fine in the world. But when your child comes home and sees you, they can’t bear the scratch they got while being with his father, and they suddenly burst into tears. But just a few hours ago, the scratch is bearable. Why is that?


You definitely know now what it’s like to be a mother yet you only get to see your child’s worst side. Are you the one who deals with their tantrums? You might question it but studies have proven that this phenomenon is true – most children behave worse when they’re around their mother.


What’s happening here?



My 5-year-old daughter once came home after playing with her father at the playground. I was excited to hold and embrace my happy child again since I thought she had fun with her dad. But a different situation happened – my daughter’s eyes are wide open and reproachful.


She started to tremble, and tears started to roll down her face. She explains what happened amid her gasping for air – she told me she terribly injured her leg. The father can’t explain what was happening because he doesn’t have an idea. Just a moment ago, everything was fine and the scratch did not bother her at all.


Several individuals experience this situation where the child keeps whining and crying when around the arms of their mother. Such behavior is unthinkable for the child to do to other adults.


Phenomenon Explained by Studies



Research shows that children will be at their worse behavior when their mother is in the same room. This is the case most of the time. Some may doubt the study, but a lot of mothers can attest to that.


Research and studies now explain that children actually behave worse when their mother is in the same room. This is the case up to 800% of the time. Of course, the degree of truth of the study can be doubted, but many mothers can testify to this behavior.


Mothers Are Children’s Dumping Ground for Emotions



Kids seem to find their mothers as dumping grounds for their negative emotions. This instance can bring a lot of moms to their limits. Most moms nowadays have many stuff to do and errands to run before they can fetch their kids from school and spend time with them. Mothers are there to endure the dramas, rage, and outburst of their children. And the reason why? Children can feel they’re completely themselves around their mothers. They can express their real self and behave unfiltered. A kid doesn’t need to act brave with their mother or be afraid of not being liked if they cry.


Only Mama Can Notice the Bad Feelings



As real garbage dumps, mothers have to endure all their child’s unfavorable feelings. And it is impossible not to love infinitely your kid and they know that. Mothers are a safe haven for children and a rock to lean on. Children can always go to their mother when pressure from outside needs to be discharged. Tantrums are quite normal and mothers can consider this kind of behavior as a nice compliment to them. This means they are trusted wholeheartedly by their children.




This builds a child’s foundation for a healthy self-confidence. If it’s not happening, something vital would be missing in the development of the child. They just need to know and realize how loved they are.


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