You Know You’re Lucky If Your Husband Does These 10 Things

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Nothing makes someone happy as much as finding the right partner. Having the husband you’ve been dreaming of is such a blessing because not everyone gets to have it. So how would you know if you’ve hit the jackpot? Here are 10 things to know if you belong in the lucky few.


1. He Always Says He Loves You

While other men find it hard to express their feelings, some wives are just lucky enough to feel how their husband loves them.


2. He Respects His Mother

You would know if a guy will treat you right by how he treats his mother. If your husband respects his mom, that’s a sign that he will be a respectful to his partner as well.


3. He Keeps Flirting With You

While some long-time couples have problems reigniting their passion, a good husband will still flirt with you like you were still dating.



4. You Are His First Priority

A good spouse puts his wife’s needs first. He always prioritizes their relationship above all else.


5. He Makes Mundane Things Fun

It’s the little things that count. You know when you’re lucky to have your husband when you enjoy doing things together, even the boring ones.


6. He Wants You to Reach Your Dreams

A person who loves you wants you to be happy. A great husband will inspire, motivate and encourage you to reach for your dreams in life.



7. He Lifts You Up

When life knocks you down, a good husband will always make sure he’s there to comfort you and cheer you up.


8. He Works Hard

Husbands should be the one leading your family, so if he works really hard to provide for you, then that’s when you know you’re lucky.


9. He Surprises You

Just because you’ve been together for so long doesn’t mean you’re done with romantic dates. A good husband will surprise you with little gifts and your favorite meals to show you how much he loves you.



10. He Compliments You

Women are naturally insecure so they actually need words of affirmation. A good husband will make sure your self-esteem is in check by complimenting you.


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