Can You Solve This Riddle To Figure Out Which Door Leads To Heaven And Which One Leads To Hell?

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Riddles and brainteasers aren’t just fun as they also keep our minds sharp. Aside from that, the satisfaction that we get whenever we figure out the right answer is really incredible. On top of that, our friends can also join in the fun and we can learn whose mind works the fastest. 


In addition, a healthy competition between friends isn't really a bad thing. This can bring us to a remarkable riddle, which we believe is undoubtedly a real head-scratcher. Without a further ado, here’s a riddle that will put your brain to work





You are standing in the front of two doors: one is supposed to lead you to heaven and the other one will bring you to hell. Obviously, you want to go to heaven, but you don’t have any clue which door will lead you to that place. 


You must also note that each of the doors has a guard standing in front of it. To get to the door that will lead you heaven, you have to ask one question.  Remember: one guard constantly tells a lie and the other one tells the truth at all times.


Question: What question are you going to ask both guards to discover which door leads to heaven?


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Please take a moment to analyze and think of an answer.

In case you are having a hard time. Here’s a hint:

The question you ask is going to necessitate both guards to point to the same door. 


Now, were you able to figure it out?


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Still having a hard time? Before giving up, please give it another minute. Put your brain cells to work and tap into your astute side. Now, how would you express the golden question?


If you are able to figure it out, then congratulations! In case you didn't, you don’t have to worry as we will surely help you. Just be sure to follow the logic cautiously.

There are a small number of ways to phrase the correct question so that you’ll get the information you need. But fundamentally, it boils down to this: 


“Which door will the other guard claim is going to heaven?”

The trick will be the honest guard will point to the door that will head you to hell because that's what the deceitful guard would do. Ask the fraudulent guard the same question and he will point to hell because he is aware that the truthful guard will point to the door going to heaven.


Either way, both of the guards will show you the door to hell and you’ll know the other one is the door that will lead you to heaven.


So, were you able to get it? Was the riddle that hard to crack? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share this article with all your family and friends to test their logical skills as well!

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