“Wilson”: A Giant Pipe to Help Clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

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An ecological project was launched on September 8th. The project’s goal is to put a stop to the plastic accumulation in the Pacific Ocean. Once this initiative will come out as planned, the “plastic continent” will have been eliminated by the year 2040.


Here’s more about this incredible project.




Boyan Slat


A young Dutchman named Boyan Slat started the initiative. He is a son of Croatian immigrants.


During the age of 16 years old, he used to spend vacations. When he was in Greece for a vacation, he decided to go diving. As he was in the waters, he was shocked and surprised upon seeing a vast number of plastics floating in the sea than fishes. It bothered him very much that he began to think of a way to help the planet and clean up all those plastics.




And then in 2013, he came up with the idea of project “The Ocean Cleanup.” He was only 18 years old that time, and the only way in order for him to focus on the project is to quit his studies. He then quit his studies at the Technical University of Delft, with aerospace engineering as his program.


Five years of working on the project and collecting sufficient amount of money of $20 million dollars and they finally were able to launch the project.




The ocean cleanup



The project consists of a giant floating pipe that will be put on the San Francisco coastline and will collect 5 tons of plastics every month. The device, named “Wilson,” will move through the Pacific Ocean with the help of marine currents and wind and will collect plastic waste with a size of more than 1 centimeter in diameter. Moreover, it will eliminate the Great Pacific garbage patch – the Pacific trash vortex – by 2040.


The captured plastics will be collected every 6 weeks by a boat and will be recycled to produce various products.




The people behind this initiative are hopeful that it will inspire a lot of projects to clean up our oceans. But let us all do our part in helping our planet because no project will help change the situation if we don’t change the way we treat the planet. Let’s stop throwing garbage anywhere, and soon positive changes will occur.




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