This Is What Your Fears Say About Your Personality

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Phobias aren’t exactly illogical and that’s the main reason why they divulge something about a person’s inherent character. To make it more elaborated, a phobia isn’t born instantaneously; it is nurtured and is deep-seated within one’s inner self as a result of an unceasing or singular negative and distressing experience a person may have experienced as a child.


As a matter of fact, common problems such as childhood anxieties could give rise to phobias inferred through representation in the human mind. Additionally, since everybody is unique, individualistic phobias are linked with that type of personality which has the possibility to create it. This is how a phobia can divulge your character and personality.


So, without further ado, here is what your fear reveals about your character:



Fear Of CLOWNS: It basically means you value genuineness and honesty.


In case you know the movie “It”, did you watch it? I’m pretty sure your answer will be no because it would surely have made your heart skip a beat. Fear of clowns which is also known as coulrophobia isn’t uncommon. As a matter of fact, Studies at the University of Sheffield discovered how the majority of 250 children confessed that clowns frightened them since clowns are portrayed as tricksters.


It is also worth mentioning that Carlin Flora, a psychologist, stated that this is “Because reading facial expressions has long been a key to survival, our inability to discern a clown’s expressions (and true intentions) underneath what covers their face raises automatic suspicions.”


Moreover, clowns to some people are mysterious and therefore to be feared. With that being said those who fear clowns value their own honesty and transparency and will suppose that the people around them will do the same. Nevertheless, do not let your logical nature to keep yourself from joking around every now and then.




Fear OF BLOOD: You are a calm person.



The fear of blood is called homophobia and it includes wounds, injections, and others. Taking a look at the blood leaking from a wound would promptly put you on the defensive, increase your blood pressure and your heart rate in the same way as a panic attack. Neuroscientist Jordan Gaines says that “fainting at the sight of blood may be a primitive reflex buried deep in our brain.” You subconsciously link blood with pessimism and something that has gone wrong.


Furthermore, you are also strong and protective. The fear of blood means you’re peaceful and composed which signals your brain of looming danger. You value and appreciate your own body which is the main reason why you try your best to look after it. Use your beautifully concentrated Zen to help other nerve-racking colleagues to remain calm and collected.




Fear Of SNAKES: You stand up for other people.



A creepy slithering snake sends a chill down anybody’s spine but you particularly may have a deep fright of snakes and can’t stand the sight of one. This also indicates that this fear is an outcome of your own protective nature towards those people who are close to you.


Based on the psychology today, there’s a scientific theory which stated that “humans and other primates are predisposed to acquire fears of critters that once threatened our ancestors’ lives.” Where you are worried, you put importance to relationships and will never be neutral in a squabble standing up for the one who is right. You’re a dependable friend who stands their ground but don’t let your quick irritability to become a problem. You keep the stability in relationships and learn to make concessions when needed.


Fear Of SPIDERS: You’re a leader.



The fear of spiders is considered to be the most common phobia in the world. Based on some early research, spiders were a threat to the first humans and it became essential for humans to track them down to be able to survive against them. This is the explanation why humans are naturally afraid of spiders today.


Being scared of spiders also reveals that you’re a survivor. You have the propensity to be a leader and a toughie. You’re dependable and sensitive to the necessities of other people. You’re also watchful and react fast in a situation which is valued by many. Such character traits were very important in ancestral times.



Fear Of PUBLIC SPEAKING: You’re a perfectionist.



Those who fear to speak in public may be having some sort of low self-esteem because they set the bar for themselves too high and they supposed to be perfect in all the things that they do. You’re constantly looking for approval and anticipate failure. It is that fear of failing which is associated with the fear of public speaking. It just gets your mental strain on edge and the fright of breaking down in front of a lot of people is just excessive.


Nonetheless, this something you would want to admit because you are worried about what other people think of you. You’re a person who favors being alone with their thoughts and chooses just a few social but solid relationships over numerous weak ones. You push yourself out of your shell because you have to evolve and sometimes may just creep into the glare of publicity.



Fear Of DARKNESS: Signifies creativity.


In case you’re afraid of the dark, it basically indicates that you are a creative and imaginative person. You don’t have to worry that you’re afraid of darkness since it’s a very rational fear. As a matter of fact, an article from Medical Daily stated that this fear has its roots in genetic coding that inured humans to fear the night due to predators. Nevertheless, an insistent fear of the dark is linked with the fear of the unknown.


Darkness invokes scary images in a creative mind. Your vision is diminished by the dark and this reduces your capability to control your surroundings. You’re also susceptible and it is in the dark that your mental whizzes stored within your soul come out to play. This is the time when your bottled-up worries start to creep into your consciousness.


People suffering from nyctophobia are extremely creative and imaginative which is the main reason why your brain keeps formulating images even nothing is really there. With that, when you’re in the dark, your imagination is prompted to create what can’t be understood or seen it habitually substitutes the blanks with frightening elements. In case your phobia results in anxiety, make an effort to fill your mind with positive contemplations and imageries as an alternative.



Fear Of GERMS: You’re detail-oriented



The fear of germs, which is also known as the Mysophobia is typically the cause of the disturbance. You may have experienced an overwhelming health scare. According to Dean McCay Ph.D., “This creates a vicious spiral where the sufferer becomes increasingly concerned over being clean and is incapable of satisfactorily ridding themselves of the contaminant.” This results in you wanting to clean the surroundings all the time and just can’t stand to see things unsystematic, filthy and in disorder.


What you must be cautious is not to let your phobia prompt and intensify the anxiety because stress can harm you emotionally. You should unwind once in a while and search for your creativeness.


Fear Of The CROWD: You like your personal space.



Agoraphobia is the term for fear of a place out wherein escape is difficult. This is also linked with claustrophobia wherein any enclosed space may prompt this fear. Even though it may not mean you’re not a people person, it suggests that you revel in your personal space since your character is more of a watchful and guarded one. You also have the tendency to mistrust other people to a certain point.

You favor being reserved. Since it is your need to preserve a distance, this could lead to emotional consequences where one possible downfall of surrendering to this fear may mean a loss of a healthy relationship. You don’t have to be afraid all the time and let people in since it may surprise you in a positive way.




Fear Of Heights: You’re self-aware.



Being afraid of heights means that you’re more of a ground person who prefers to have their feet on earth. Psychology Today stated that “We feel fear when our most basic means of controlling feelings—using our own two feet to approach what interests us and to back away from what frightens us—is lost.”


Heights could mean falling and a loss of control. The people around you regard you as a person who is well concentrated and motivated on your work and undertakings. You don’t favor transformation all that much and have a solid and strong individuality. You get confused with heights and as a hypnotherapist, John McGrail says, “Phobics tend to be intelligent, extremely sensitive, and have a fear of losing or being out of control; the phobia is a manifestation of that insecurity or fear of loss of control.” It isn’t the height but the fear of falling from the altitude that troubles you because it is a fear entrenched in uncertainty and loss of control.



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