These Are The Major Weaknesses Of A Pisces Woman

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Females born between February 9th and March 20th are Pisces women. They are mostly friendly, easy to get along with, comforting and helpful towards others. However, they also have some weaknesses as well. If you are in love with a Pisces woman, scroll down to see which side of her needs your unconditional love the most.



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1. She often gets paralyzed in fear.

Pisces women are afraid of taking risks. It is important for you to show her a sense of security to make her feel she’s safe.


2. She always anxious.

She may come out positive and helpful but she often deals with anxiety and worry. Overthinking tends to make her think of ridiculous situations that will get her to trouble.





3. She trusts people way too easily.

Since she herself is kind and helpful to people, she would then choose to see the good in others as well. However, this is not always good for her since there are just a lot of people with hidden agenda.


4. She easily gets depressed by a lot of things.

She is very sensitive and empathetic. Other people’s sadness easily affects her which makes her end up carrying the burden she isn’t supposed to bear.


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6. She tends to escape reality and live in her dreams.

She has this incredible way of shifting from reality to her ideals. She likes daydreaming and is able to remain in her imagination for hours.


9. She has problems opening up about her feelings.

Her fantasies often bottle up her true emotions which makes it hard for her to open up. Acting okay is an auto-pilot which means you got to make her trust you 100% to get to her heart.


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