The Way You Hold Hands with Your Partner Has Something to Say About Your Relationship

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The most common and natural way for two people to physically connect is to hold hands. Holding hands is one of the basic forms of physical intimacy among people in a romantic relationship.


Based on several studies, the way you hold hands can somehow tell the current status of your emotions and your relationship state in some instances. Take a look at the meanings of some handholding styles.


Fingers Casually Laced Together



When you loosely hold hands with your partner and your fingers are casually laced together, you are expressing respect toward the relationship and your partner. This handholding style tells that you trust the person and that you give them enough space. This position also shows a deep level of emotional stability and intimacy between the both of you.


Palms Touching Without Fingers Intertwined



Many people do this style. This position entails a sense of responsibility and dominance of the other person. When your palm is facing upward, that means you’re being cared for or dominated by the person with a palm facing downward. But this style can also be used when one is upset. The other person may take the position that’s dominant for protection.


Grasping Fingers



Another style is when the two people grasps each other’s fingers – one person’s four fingers gripping closely but gentle around the other person’s four fingers. This indicates that they feel secure with each other. It also means they share trust and loyalty. If only one person is grasping lightly, it can also mean protection or care.


Tightly Intertwined Fingers



Care and trust for each other are shown when two people hold hands with intertwined and tightly bound fingers. If two people only share a physical attraction for each other, this position’s not suitable. They can consistently use this style later in their relationship or try the other styles.


Linking One Finger




You can instead link your pinky fingers together than fully holding your hands. It can also be done when a person uses his/her entire hand to hold the other person’s finger. This style is most common to couples who are new in the relationship, kind of flirty. This handholding style can also be used by couples in a long-term relationship who want to keep a flirty side alive in the relationship.


Unintentional Touching



This style indicates sympathy in a friendship but also means a romantic relationship is starting to develop, that is, one person reaches tentatively for the other person’s hand and wants to know what the other person feels.


Grasping the Wrist



This position indicates there’s a sign of aggression, inequality in the relationship, and selfishness even. But this also indicates a romantic gesture showing physical attraction and a need for the other person emotionally.


Hands Around the Waist



In this position, the couple can hug while walking closely together, side by side. This means a close relationship with physical intimacy. If only one person wraps his/her hand around the other’s waist, the person may be possessive or insecure in the relationship. But this position could also be a protective gesture.


Hand Folded Over the Forearm



This is a classic and traditional way of holding hands. This indicates that the woman may be in an inferior position while the man may be in a supportive and protective side. This shows respect, but not physical intimacy.



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