Eye Test: Find All The Faces In This Image In Just 30 Seconds – Can You Do It?

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Puzzles are really fun and they can be quite engaging. On the other hand, for some people, there's a certain satisfaction they get whenever they were able to crack a puzzle or a brainteaser. 


The Illusion

In a first glance, the below picture seems just a simple image of what appears to be the face of a man. As you may have already conjectured, there is much more than that. In this image, there are a number of different faces concealed in plain sight.  Your task is to find all of these faces. Are you ready?


Note: The answer is provided below.


Do you already have an answer? In case you’re having a hard time, we can help you out!


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There’s no doubt that it can take some minutes, or maybe even hours, to discover all the faces hiding in the image. Nevertheless, the closer you look, the more possible you will spot a few. 


Here's a clue…


It can be pretty annoying when you don't even know the number of faces you must be looking for. Or perchance you've found some, but are still hesitant if that’s all the faces you’re looking for. To offer you a helping hand, there are nine faces in this picture. So, if you were not able to find 9 faces, your mission isn't complete yet.


Please give it another try and remember that some of the faces are hidden in pretty obvious places. With that being said, you may have to step back from time to time to see the overall picture. 


In case you already gave up answering, here’s the answer:



As you can perceive, some of the faces were really small and necessitate extra focus, while others were watching you right in the face.

So, were you able to find all of them? Please share it with us in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share this fun brainteaser with your family and friends to see how well they can do it!

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