Can You Count How Many Squares Are There In This Picture In Just 1 Minute?

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This math puzzle will not just test your mathematical abilities but also your eyes. By cracking it, you can essentially get the idea of how focused you are! Are you up for the challenge? In case yes, you just have to take a look at this picture below and how many squares are there. Sounds easy, right?


Note: The answer is provided below.



Were you able to count all the squares? In case you’re having a hard time doing the task let us help you. Typically, such questions obscure a hidden condition or it may appear to be an optical illusion, which changes the way we see the picture. However, in this brainteaser, we just have a set of geometrical figures and nothing more. But despite that, it doesn't make the task any easier and not everybody was able to find all of the squares!


So, what is a square? Let’s study the basics first. The description is still the same as years ago – it’s a shape with 4 sides of the same length. The angles amid the sides should be 90 degrees.


On this picture, there are squares of different sizes, so you have to ensure not to oversee any of them. You can take a look at the picture again just to check your answer.


In case you’re already sure, let’s check if you’re able to get the correct answer.



There are a total of 40 squares in the above photo. If you saw fewer, you don’t have to be upset as you can always try again!


So where are they all hiding? Take a look:

  • 1 big square was formed from the outside lines (4*4);
  • Now, you should pay attention to 3*3 squares, there are 4 of them.
  • Let’s move on to the 2*2 squares. There are 9 of them on the photo.
  • 18 small squares (1*1), including those 2 small squares overlapping the grid.
  • 8 small squares, which are the portions of the small overlapping squares, formed from the connection of the lines.


So there are a total of 40 squares!


Were you able to get the correct answer? Please share it with us in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share this exciting puzzle with your family and friends to challenge their abilities as well!

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