These 4 Questions Can Reveal Who You Really Are

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All you need to have are a piece of paper, a pen, and your imagination. Answer the questions spontaneously by writing the first thing that comes in your head.


So, sit back, relax, set aside your logical thinking just this time, and just imagine you’re swimming in the ocean.



  • You dive under the water to admire the seabed and the creatures that live there, and you suddenly see a mermaid. What color is her tail?


  • The mermaid isn’t the only thing to fall under your gaze. A fish is swimming alongside her. What kind of fish is it? Is it dangerous and aggressive or calm and harmless?


  • You dive even deeper, and on the seabed, you notice a shell. What does the shell look like? Is it flat and smooth or (for example) curved and cone shaped?


  • It’s time to return to dry land. You swim up to the shore and end up on a beach. How many people do you see there?


Remember or jot down your answers. Be ready. Let’s begin!




Find out the meaning of your answers below: 

  • The mermaid’s tale color tells what level your social skill is.
  • Colors that are calm and cool, like blue or green, indicate that you’re shy.
  • Pink, yellow, and other bright colors tells that you can interact well even with strangers.


  • The fish symbolizes how you solve and overcome controversies.
  • If you thought of an inoffensive calm fish, then you can immediately stand up for what you believe that’s right and express your opinions.
  • If you imagined an aggressive predator, it shows that you prefer to be quiet and avoid arguments and conflicts.


  • The shell is a symbol that tells how open you are with the people around you.
  • A seashell with no markings shows that you can easily open up to people.
  • An intricate or unusual shell indicates that you’re a closed individual who don’t want to share to others the details of your personal life.


  • The number of people on the beach indicates the number of friends you have.
  • If the beach was full of people, you are probably a party animal.
  • If there are just quite a few people, then you have less friends, but those are the ones who are really close to you.
  • If you are just alone on the beach, you are probably the person who doesn’t really give trust easily and who is not looking for friends after all.



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