“Beardaments” Are This Christmas’ Hot New Trend – Tag Someone Who Should Try This Out!

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All of us are aware that the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year. As a matter of fact, many people are really excited about it. You can see them decorating every inch of their house, inside and out, holding overgenerous dinners, purchasing expensive gifts, dressing up as Santa Clause, and a lot more.


Nevertheless, none of that comes close to a new Christmas trend that has been getting a lot of social media attention. That hottest trend is called “Beardaments.”




In the past few years, a lot of men have been embellishing their facial hair with colorful Christmas ornaments, and some people really love it. Despite that, it’s certainly quite festive, but turning your face into a Christmas tree may not be a great idea for others.


The reasons behind why it isn’t a good idea are that some of these small ornaments light up, which may impose a fire risk. Aside from that, they look really painful.


Nonetheless, since beards are in fashion, a lot of men don't mind buckling a few holiday decorations on their facial hair. In case you’re interested in trying this trend you may want to look at some of these "beardaments”:


 ©whurley / Instagram 



This gym teacher stunned his students with clip-on beard decorations.


©urbanfarmergirl / Instagram



Just to remind you. You don’t need a long beard to get in the jolly spirit!



©betocasar / Instagram

Men are beginning their own fashion statements and beauty trend. There’s no doubt that jolly old Saint Nicholas would be really proud.




©hairathairitage / Instagram

Nevertheless, this one may be way exaggerated. Attaching decorations on your beard is one thing, but painting it green is a different story.



©jaimeirizarryactor / Instagram 

What can you say about these “beardaments?” Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section! Also, don’t forget to tag someone who should follow this trend!

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