Turns Out People Who Fart In Front Of Their Partners End Up In A Lasting Relationship

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In her new book Naked Parenting, author Leah Decesare shared her interesting thoughts about parenting, relationships and farting.


According to her book, not only is farting an essential part of our digestive system, it also indicates how strong a romantic relationship is. Apparently, farting comfortably around romantic partners is a sign of a long-lasting relationship.


Decesare recalls the first time she farted in front of her then-boyfriend and now husband. According to him, he felt closer to her than ever before and realized he wanted to marry her.


This is when her partner began farting in front of her, too! Now, doesn’t that feel like home?


Decesare deeply believes that those who fart in front of their partners show comfort, trust, honesty and acceptance. People can’t freely fart around other people because they just don't feel like trusting them. The author wrote that empathy for each other is established when they pass gas around one another.


Decesare added that celebrity TV doctor Mehmet Oz warned that holding in farts is unhealthy. It can actually lead to bloating, abdominal pain, and cramps.


Also, another incredible fact: the average amount of gas passed in one day is half a liter. Unbelievable isn’t it?


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