These Tiny Houses Are Being Built For Homeless Veterans! Find Out What’s Inside Here

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In the US, there are over 65,000 homeless veterans and this number is rising every year. The sad fact is that there are nearly one million of them who live in poverty. While these heroes spent their lives defending our country, a non-profit organization came up with a genius idea to reward them.




The Clara White Mission plans to build 10 to 20 tiny homes across their headquarters in Jacksonville’s LaVilla neighborhood.


“Those men and women have protected us over the years,” said Clara White CEO Ju’Coby Pittman in an interview with Action News Jax. “We owe them that, to give them a safe haven.”


The organization is looking forward to the day that the veterans will enjoy home ownership that will then give them a sense of community.



Seattle City Council


Clara White Mission may not own all the land they hope to use for this task, Downtown Investment Authority Interim CEO Brian Hughes said, “Clara White Mission does important work for people in need, and we appreciate them for this work.”


In the meantime, the Mission is hoping to secure the funds for their project from sponsors – one tiny home each.


These tiny homes will be less than 200 square feet and will be built with the help of Eco Relics and U.S. Green Building Council of Florida.



USGBC FL – Facebook


“We’ll train them on these techniques, we’ll teach them how to think green and design green,” said Sarah Boren of the U.S. Green Building Council. “Veterans will help veterans build houses.”


While it currently costs about $10,000 to build these homes, the company hopes they can decrease the costs to only $4,000 per home.


Here's what this adorable tiny home looks on the inside!




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