These Are The Most Intelligent People In The Zodiac

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Without the need of taking an IQ test, astrologists have figured out which signs in the zodiac are more intelligent:


Astrologers found out that people who are either Aquarius or Scorpio have an innate intelligence. While Aquarians score high in analytical intelligence for their cognitive abilities and high IQ, Scorpions, on the other hand, have an uncanny insight that can make them easily understand and grasp the world. What these signs have in common, though, is their astounding intelligence. They both have fast comprehension and are   impressively strategic, too.


On the down side, Aquarians don’t really do good in emotional intelligence. But Scorpions are discerning. They can immediately see through hidden thoughts and wrong motives from other people. They can be good philosophists.



Emotional Intelligence

Just because the first two signs are on top of the list doesn’t mean the other ones don’t have their edge. Libra and Gemini, too, have considerable mental intelligence, according to astrologer Neil Crabtree. However, when it comes to emotional intelligence, Cancer and Pisces are tied in first place. They are quick to interpret and recognize the feelings of their fellow human beings. Also, they can put themselves in other people's shoes and responding to them appropriately. These are the people you want to be best friends with.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive people’s own feelings as well as others’ accurately. With this, they can influence them out of a better understanding.



Practical Intelligence

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn score the highest at practical intelligence. They are able cope with mental challenges in everyday life easily. Capricorns, for instance, are pragmatic and can immediately find solutions to situations despite the trouble.

Meanwhile, fire signs Leos and Aries, have a superb intuition that pushes them to take risks. This makes them awesome in management positions.


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